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Your Display Gallery opened in January 1991, selling for and to the Greenwich locals-long before online auction sites and before social media opened up our worlds. There was the local paper and The Trading Post newspaper for advertising our new venture. How times have changed.

Over the last 30 years we’ve seen so much stock come and go. Our customers include up sizers, down sizers, designers, TV show and advertising prop buyers, real estate prop buyers, collectors, and of course always our Greenwich locals. Greenwich has families who grow, but stay. 3 or 4 generations being able to walk to each other’s homes isn’t unusual.

Our family can count 6 generations who have lived in this area. We have 4 generations here alive and kicking presently. Greenwich is a unique peninsular suburb. We have been so fortunate that we’ve been able to protect our amenities and services from redevelopment in the 1980’s 1990’s. We have saved our shopping strip and our infants and primary schools which are the hubs of our suburb

Looking back over the past few years I can see how beneficial it has been that Greenwich was able to keep what we’ve fought so hard for. During lockdown there were most things we needed right at hand. And our lovely community was there to help those who weren’t managing too well.

The community activities are very well supported. Greenwich Games and Greenwich Village Arts Trail, multiple sporting clubs. There’s something for everyone.


123 Greenwich Road,
Greenwich NSW Australia 2065

Phone: ‍(02) 9906 7556

Mobile: ‍(0426) 03 4539

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